Scotty 1050 Manual Downrigger Masterpack 23''


Scotty 1050 Manual Downrigger Masterpack 23''. The No. 1050 Depthmaster rigged with a portable No. 1021 Clamp Mount


- 23” long, 3/4” diameter stainless steel boom

- Adjustable boom-mounted Rod Master ll Rod Holder

- Spray protected, positive drive Depth Counter

- Scotty Power Grip Plus Line Release

- Quick-slide No. 1010 Deck Mounting Bracket

- An automatic brake with the most disk brake surface on the market. In the event of a bottom hang-up, it will pay-out to avoid losing gear

- A high speed one foot per turn spool coupled with the extra leverage extension handles makes cranking a breeze

- 200 ft. of premium 150 lb. stainless steel downrigger cable


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